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Is Herpes Curable?

The question is asked quite a bit, is oral herpes curable? Yes it is!….For many oral herpes manifests in the form of cold sores, this is quite common and honestly it is nothing to be ashamed of. To prevent this type of herpes you should perform the following preventative measures to ensure any future outbreaks are at a minimum.

First you should reduce stress from your life. You can do this various ways, if you are stressed at work then figure out how to get along with the people there. Is there something you can do there that can make your job easier? Perhaps you could seek a job where there is less stress? Stress causes cold sores by reducing your immune system and thereby making you likely to get infections such as the common cold and other related illnesses.

Secondly, you should eat a diet that is well balanced. You should avoid fast food at all costs. A diet that is healthy is going to help you avoid visits to the Doctor and the hospital. This will reduce your stress levels and help you fight off future infections.

As well you should make sure get enough rest at night. If your body constantly has to fight fatigue then you are likely to get sick. That just makes sense but unfortunately there are many people who just will not obey this simple common rule of thumb.

Avoiding over exposure to the sun will help to cut down on the outbreak of this disease. Ultraviolet radiation is likely to cause outbreaks of cold sores.

Cleaning your towels, linens, or any other clothes that may frequently get exposed to your cold sores can help to reduce the spread of this infection and help prevent it in the future. Cleaning the area around these cold sores is also helpful in maintaining a healthy and vibrant skin tone.

Treating your oral herpes naturally

Okay now that we have discussed how to prevent your cold sores then the question remains how to we go about treating this naturally. Many times these infections will go away naturally. The body’s immune system should be strong enough to fight this off on its own. But you can help it along by supplying it with vitamins and minerals that aid to get rid of this virus.

Vitamins C and D help to eliminate the virus from your body. These have been proven to be effective in various over the counter facial balms that can be applied directly the cold sore. You should be careful though when applying these balms to your lips, there may be some additives that you could be allergic to and not even realize.

A simple measure to help prevent the spread of the cold sore or to help the cold sore become less inflamed is to place a cold compress to that area. You can do this simply by placing an ice cube in a zip lock bag and then putting that to your face, it really is that simple.

Ideally you should use the above advice to help you avoid getting outbreaks of this infection and learn new ways on how to treat it naturally. You can find out new ways by just looking at this guide I found that may be able to help you. By just doing these tricks mentioned above will save you thousands of dollars in Doctor’s visits and expensive medications that you may have to buy.